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Hepatitis B Diagnostic Rapid Test Kit is of Great Significance in POCT Clinical Testing

The hepatitis B serological marker diagnostic rapid test kit has been widely used in pre-operative testing, on-site blood donor screening and other emergency tests, as well as routine clinical testing in primary medical institutions. HBV rapid diagnostic reagent routine testing items can be divided into detection of HBV antigen (HBsAg and HBeAg) and detection of HBV antibodies (Anti-HBsAg, Anti-HBcAg, Anti-HBeAg IgG, Anti-HBeAg IgM).

According to different detection objects, different diagnostic rapid test kit manufacturers choose different technologies to detect, resulting in many varieties of HBV diagnostic rapid test kits , and many detection methods. However, in terms of methods, there are at least EIA, RIA, chemiluminescence, time-resolved, colloidal gold, chip and excitation light methods. Samples such as whole blood, serum and plasma can be detected according to the actual situation during the test, and the time required is 5 to 30 minutes. Based on this, HBV diagnostic rapid test kit is fast and simple, which is very suitable for on-site blood donors to carry out screening and other emergency tests, as well as routine clinical testing in primary medical institutions. Therefore, it has a more important significance in the clinical detection of POCT.

The preparation method used in the HBV diagnostic rapid test kit

According to the label, a colloidal gold method, a colloidal selenium method, a latex method, or the like can be used. As for the detection principle, the antigen in the conventional method is combined with the antibody. When detecting HBsAg, the double antibody sandwich method is often used, and when detecting Anti-HBsAg, the double antigen sandwich method is often used. Detection of HBeAg is also often performed by the double antibody sandwich method, while indirect or neutralization inhibition is often used to detect Anti-HBeAg and detect Anti-HBcAg. It is worth noting that no matter which test method is adopted, it is qualitative test.
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